Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle


Zsolt and Tamas Gere Club Card for Villany wine lovers
Because everyone belongs somewhere!

KlubkártyaIn early April 2011. we have launched  our Club Card! Our goal is to be in touch with our regular customers. Club Card members have a number of benefits and discounts. Under certain conditions it is very easy to get  the Club Card.

How to get the Club Card?

The Club Card can be required by any natural person or legal entity who buys wine at our winery in minimum amount of 30,000 HUF for cash or by credit card.
The Club Card can also be obtained following an internet shopping exceeding the above mentioned minimal amount of order.

The advantages of the card:

• 10% discount on wine purchases made at our winery
Discount will be deducted from the actual prices on the pricelist.
• 10% discount on orders in the Webshop
• discounted prices for weekend accommodations at Diofa Pension (except in special periods)
The discount price is the actual daily cost of board
• Regular (monthly) newsletter and club news
• opportunity to participate on the events of the winery at reduced price (information about the events in the newsletter)
• exclusive shopping possibilities from historic and unique wines. Temporary and special offers only for card holders

Discounts can be used only by card holders and it cannot be transferred to third parties. In case the card holder is a legal entity any employee of the entity is entitled to use discount if the card is presented.

Benefits provided by the club card cannot be combined with other discount and benefits of the winery and guest house/wine bar.

The card holders can only buy wine for their own use. It is not allowed for card holders to resale the purchased wine at a discount price.

Internet shopping

Our clients have a 10% discount in case of online shopping at www.borterasz.hu
When you place an order please refer to your card serial number in requested section. Otherwise, we cannot provide a discount.

Card withdrawal

The card holder’s rights will cease to exist in case more than one year elapse between two purchases or the discount card is used by unauthorized person.

Did you already register as our club card member?

Enter from your home!

Enter from your home! www.borterasz.hu

Further information about club card and discounts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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