Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle

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All wine connoisseurs are more than welcome during 7 days of the week in our wine cellar, can be found in the heart of Villány.  The evocative wine tasting room and garden entreat guests to stay with its country style.

Whether you wish to taste wine or buy, our wine tasting room with place for 40 people waits for visitors from 10.00 a.m every day.  In case you are curious about the secret world of wine making we are happy to show our wine producing cellar.

Would you like a get – together with family or friends? We wait for you in our conference room which meets all your requirements where 50 people can be seated. Our pressing house for 12 people is also a great possibility, reminds you the records of past ages.

Do you wish more information about our actual events and wine tasting cellar?

Please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



„Pálinkás Húsvét Villányban!” (EN)

A tavaszi fáradtság kipihenésére keresve sem lehet találni jobbat, mint Villány hangulatos miliője. Gyönyörködjünk a...

Vince napi Pincejárás 2017. (EN)

Pincéről Pincére, Variációk Vincére. Save the date: 2017. január 21. szombat

Franc & Franc - Villány invites Europe (EN)

Egy hétvége a Cabernet Franc jegyében.  Konferencia, közönségnap, tematikus vacsorák, szakmai beszélgetések.


H - 7773 Villány, Diófás u. 1.
+36 72 592 009
info@geretamas.hu panzio@geretamas.hu

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