Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle

DHC Villány

At the end of 2005 the Minister announced the regulation on the origin protection of Villány wines.
The regulation controls the must degree required for preparation of the origin-protected wines, grape growing and wine-making technology, and also the aging of wines. The regulation designates the boundaries of the region, rates the place of production and differentiate among vineyards. Among the authorized sorts almost all are listed, so wines made fromk these sortiments can be put on market as from Villany.
The purpose of the origin protection is better understanding of the expression “Villany wine”.
If a wine meets the criteria specified in the regulation of the origin protection of the Villany wine region and in addition the Wine Committee of the Wine Region also considers it to be a wine of satisfactory quality – matching the categories “Villany Classicus” or “Villany Premium” – then the wine is entitled to bear the Crocus trademark.

Origin protection differentiates between classicus and premium categories which are also indicated on the label:

  • Villány classicus is the category that involves the majority of the wines, it is a classification for the wines typical of the wine region and within that for different varieties of wines
  • The Premium category contains those wines that meet rigorous criteria than those set for the “classicus” category, having a much more unique character typical of the individual vineyards, and also furher special values from the wine grower or winery.
  • Super Premium wine can only be made of 100% Cabernet Franc, with very strict requirements, such as yield restriction, tasting tests and can only be labelled as Villányi Franc. In this category, wines will spend at least one year in oak barrels and another year in bottles, therefore the earliest this will be on the shelves in 2016-17.

Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány

The Crocus and the DHC - Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus Villány:

Since 2005. the origin protected wines from Villany are marketed with DHC labels and with (also protected) Crocus sign.

The crocus Villány protected wine symbol of the Villány origin defense system relates to the protection and credit of the Villány indicated.
If you see the Hungarian Crocus on the label of the wine, you will know – from the year 2006 – onwards – that you have the opportunity to taste a wine made by careful and busy hands, produced in controlled conditions and grown in one of the most interesting wine regions of the world of wines.

As the Hungarian Crocus is a protected plant of the Hungarian living world, so protecting the origin and character of wines from Villany, as a treasure of the Hungarian wine culture.



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