Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle

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Since 2006 the wines are part of the local Protected Designation of Origin system, PDO Villany. The winery builds its brands on the basis of this well – known regulation.

The basic range (Classicus wines) of our winery is sold with the Tamas Gere labels, well – known for everybody. This category contains light, fruity, reductive style wines also the ones aged in big size barrels. Roughly 80% of our production is dedicated to our basic range (PDO Classicus) primarily distributed in supermarkets.

Our selection range, the premium category which wines are more sophisticated, finely chiselled and rich in particulars than wines of the basic range. These wines, exclusively produced in extraordinary vintages are all characterised by the distinctive features of the variety and terroir. The wines rich in fruits and flavours are not becoming outstanding because of great body or high alcohol content but the great balance, diversity and harmony in taste. Thanks to the ambiance of the wine region, the oenologist working with heart and Mediterranean like climate our wines are characterised with something extra what we call “kindness of Villany”. To keep elegancy we only use 20% of new oaks preserving what the grape itself and production place “are able to show”. The more clear labels with the name Gere Tamas & Zsolt are destined for representing a more elegant line. The wines with the “mountain range” – this time counting 7 – are all single variety wines bottled from the best Crues of Villany. Our small quantity premium wines, only made a few thousand bottles, are specially distributed in gastronomy, wine stores and independent wine merchants.

The Vineyard selection debuted in 2013 rather rises above the rank with its more elegant and clear characteristic. This selection presently has two lots and produced in very limited quantities.

Aureus Cuvee, a Bordeaux blend is the flagship wine of the winery subjects with its elegancy and richness. After the changes of statute in 2014, a new wine category will appear with the name SuperPremium. In this category, solely wines made of Cabernet Franc can be selected and will be distributed with the name Villanyi Franc.




„Pálinkás Húsvét Villányban!” (EN)

A tavaszi fáradtság kipihenésére keresve sem lehet találni jobbat, mint Villány hangulatos miliője. Gyönyörködjünk a...

Vince napi Pincejárás 2017. (EN)

Pincéről Pincére, Variációk Vincére. Save the date: 2017. január 21. szombat

Franc & Franc - Villány invites Europe (EN)

Egy hétvége a Cabernet Franc jegyében.  Konferencia, közönségnap, tematikus vacsorák, szakmai beszélgetések.


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