Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle

Conference room

Our exclusive conference room, meets all requirements is a great place to organise and hold conferences, get-togethers, meetings. 30 - 50 people can be seated depending on the number of tables and the arrangements. The most modern voice and visual technology is on your disposal to ensure the highest level for both organisers and attendants.


Our conference room is equipped with the following:

  • Registration, information desk
  • Flip-chart
  • Projector
  • Dvd -player
  • Speaker system
  • Mobile microphone
  • air condition
  • Wi-fi

Renting fee : 15.000 HUF +VAT/day.

(Price includes using all equipments)


Catering service:

Coffee break: 1.000 Ft/pers

Contains: coffee, mineral water, salty scone/scone with cheese


Enlarged coffee break : 1.500 Ft/pers

Contains: coffee, mineral water, salty scone/scone with cheese, sweet tea biscuits


Sandwich lunch : sandwich lunch with coffee, soft drinks, sweet and salty tea biscuits 2.200 Ft/pers

Contains: sandwich, coffee, soft drink, mineral water, scout, sweet and salty tea biscuits    


In case you have personal request, please contact us. 

Other services :

  • Parking: free parking for cars and buses in the closed parking area of the pension
  • Flower decoration
  • Hostess service
  • Accommodation up to 20 person, (for a bigger group, we organise accommodation)
  • Trips to the sites of the region
  • Setting up special programmes for your request
  • Organising team buildings


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact: +36 72 592 009 phone number or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address.


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H - 7773 Villány, Diófás u. 1.
+36 72 592 009
info@geretamas.hu panzio@geretamas.hu

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