Elegace in a bottle

Elegace in a bottle


Hungarian viniculture’s oldest traditions originated in Villany with the first signs of wine making from 30-14 B.C.; the times of Augustus. Our Hungarian ancestors were following and developing Roman traditions. By the year 2000 the region had become one of the best quality wine regions in Hungary. In 2006 Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Guidelines were introduced for the first time in the country.

Unfortunately, our wine region is sometimes named incorrectly. To prevent any false beliefs Villany-Siklosi Wine name was changed at the beginning of the year 2000, after which it was officially named Villany Wine region. The wine region remains divided across the two districts of Villanyi and Siklosi and thanks to nature’s gifts, the first one is dedicated to red wine whilst the latter is dominated by rose and white wine making areas. The total registered area of Villany is 2650 Hectares.

The region is dominated by a Sub-Mediterranean micro climate, meaning that it enjoys the warmest start to spring in Hungary. The count of sunny course is very high (which could be as high as 2100 hours). Summers are hot and winters are generally mild. Leading to long growing times and supported by currents from the Mediterranean Sea. This region has the highest temperatures and longest light hours in the country.

The soils are mainly loess and clay with dolomite, marl, limestone based, light brown pise forest soil.

To exploit the characteristics of Villany Region a group of winegrowers, entrepreneurs and civil organisations created the Villány-Siklós Wine Route Association was formed during the 1994 Autumn of 1994, based on German, Austrian and French examples. Because of the continuous interest during the previous years, the wine route today consists of 18 villages. It is not a coincidence that a town which lies at the East end of the Villainy mountains is the town that this historic wine region was named after. The home of the Kékoportó varietal goes back to the time of the Celts. The two sides of the High Street of Villany are lined up with cozy wine cellars that welcome the guests with hundreds of years of winemaking experience paired with modern technologies resulting in full-bodied wines and a warm welcome. The prestigious Professional acknowledgements ‘Winemaker of the Year” title was won four times by winemakers from Villany. The international recognition of the region is enhanced by prestigious wine making awards and medals.

Our Estate has 30 hectare of its own land. In addition, we also buy from an area which is under our continuous quality control checks. Our vines grow both in the Siklosi and Villany disctricts.


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